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Memorial Day Retreat with Mataji

25th May - 27th May 2007

Friends of the World Gatheringi

The stage was set, flowers adorned and vendor booths were situated around the circumference of the pavilion on the Palm Bay ashram estate. Devotees, friends, bothers, sisters and children gathered from all over to celebrate friendship within the presence of Ma Yogashakti, otherwise known as "Mataji" our loving mother.

Our gunas/ sense of touch, sound, sight and taste were stimulated by the special activities.

Musical performances with different instruments the flute, tablas, accordion and piano, as well as a juggling act and Indian dance performances were some of the talents showcased. Each performance was a unique expression of happiness, belonging and appreciation for the beauty of life through creative art.

The food was delicious, consisting of Indian dishes and sweets for a reasonable price.

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