Oh, Lord
May your hand lead us
from the unreal to the Real,
from darkness to Light,
from death to Immortality.

May all be happy.
May all be peaceful.
May all be enlightened and cultured.

May Peace be established in the three bodies of man.
May Peace be established in the three worlds.
May peace be established EVERYWHERE.

May Truth be our Religion.
May Service be our Worship.
May Knowledge be our Breath.
May World be our Family.
May Yoga and Meditation be our Way

May our eyes see happy and noble things.
May our ears hear happy and truthful words.
May our tongues be sweet and truthful.
May our bodies be Divine instruments.

May noble thoughts come to us
from all corners of the universe.
May we never leave God.
May God never leave us.

Om, Peace and Love.
Om, Peace and Health.
Om, Peace and Enlightenment.

by Ma Yoga Shakti